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Does arm speed correlate to ball velocity?


High School Pitchers throw harder than Youth Pitchers w/ less Arm Speed. Pro Pitchers throw harder than College Pitchers w/ less Arm Speed.

Why Arm Speed is not correlating to ball speed

Your entire life you heard, “throw more or throw farther to build arm strength/arm speed.” Every time you want to add a little more to the ball, you would just push your arm harder.

Coaches often are heard saying, “Get your arm up, get out front.”

More cues to speed up your arm, but is this how it works?

More and more evidence is showing (like the study above), that arm speed or internal rotation velocity has a poor correlation to ball speed or pitching velocity.

But if the arm doesn’t mainly generate the speed then what does?

The best answer would be, based upon the information above – the rest of the body. However, the best understanding to most effectively and efficiently generate pitch velocity is simple:

Generate pitch velocity by using the legs and core as the force generators and the arm as the force regulator or funnel for the lower half energy.

Should make sense now, your arm is made of small muscles and your legs and core is made of large muscles. Large muscles are best for generating power in short bursts of energy over short periods of time and small muscles are best for fine motor skills like writing for long periods of time. Forcing the small muscles to generate the power will comprise its ability to perform the fine motor skills like locating the pitch.

Once you come to terms with how elite pitchers use their bodies and not just their arms to generate velocity then you will need to learn how the entire process works together synergistically. I would highly recommend learning the 3X Pitching Velocity System with its 50+ mechanical components which is being used in these biometric analysis.

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