About us

Learnfromthepros.blog is the official baseball and softball performance blog of VeloPRO Baseball – the globally recognized movement enhancement training system. Developed MLB and NCAA baseball coaches, VeloPRO Baseball is used by 8 MLB teams, over 60 NCAA baseball and softball programs, and thousands across the globe.

This blog was established to give interested parents, coaches, and athletes insight into what it takes to turn potential into performance. Learning from those whom have worn the uniform, won from the coaching box, or driven the game further through research, provides readers with accountable information.

Today’s competitive sports industry is inundated with the latest and greatest – much of which is unproven or lacks on field expertise or testing. Learnfromthepros.blog provides accountable training solutions and processes from those whom have gone before – giving you the training edge your baseball or softball career deserves.

Contributors are VeloPRO Baseball developers and industry leaders from all across the Nation.

For more info upon any blog posting, how to increase your performance, or finding accountable coaching or teams, visit http://www.veloprobaseball.com or email Info@veloprobaseball.com.

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